Which Type of Businesses Are Most Susceptible to Burglaries?

If you operate a business, having some form of security present, even if it’s just an alarm system, is essential. But for some businesses, additional security, such as having private security guard monitoring services present, is recommended.


Which Type of Businesses Are Most Susceptible to Burglaries?


One way to determine the level of security that you would need for your business is to know which type of businesses are most susceptible to burglaries.


Identifying the Common Characteristics


Every business has its own specific differences, but in general, there are several common characteristics that businesses, specifically ones in the retail sector, have that make them highly susceptible to a burglary or robbery. They are, in no particular order, the following:

  • There’s a large amount of cash on the premises, such as in a register or safe;
  • They sell extremely valuable goods, such as jewelry or electronics;
  • They are open late or at least throughout the normal evening hours;
  • There isn’t much security that’s visibly present, such as a security guard on duty;
  • There are only a few employees working at any given time.

If a business has one or more of these characteristics, it is susceptible to a burglary or a robbery.


The Specific Types of Businesses


More specifically, the main types of business in the retail sector that are potentially vulnerable are:

  • Jewelry Stores
  • Convenience Stores
  • Gas Stations / Service Stations
  • Liquor Stores
  • Grocery Stores


The reason is because the above types of retail businesses have more than one of the common characteristics present. For example, a convenience store is usually open until late at night (or even for 24-hours), has plenty of cash on hand in its register, has only one or two employees present, and usually doesn’t have a security guard on the premises. This makes it a tempting proposition for a robber or robbers to come in and try to commit a quick robbery.


With jewelry stores, the main temptation isn’t acquiring the cash, but instead, stealing the jewelry. Not only can robbers make away with thousands of dollars worth of jewelry products relatively fast, but they will also be able to sell it on the black market.


What Should Businesses Do?


If a retail business meets the above criteria and operates in an area that is susceptible to crime, it’s recommended that they hire a security guard to be on the premises during operating hours. If it’s a jewelry store, perhaps even hiring one to monitor the store overnight would also be a prudent decision. At the very least, business owners should have an alarm system and CCTV in place.


With decades of experience in providing the very best in security protection services, you can be confident that your retail business will be completely protected if you choose to hire First Security Services. We’d be able to assess the security vulnerabilities of your business and recommend certain courses of action to take. Contact us today for your free consultation!