Why Campus Security Is More Important than Ever

Regardless of how one feels about the issue of gun violence in the United States, there can be no denying the fact that many campuses have experienced violent attacks in recent years. Protecting our nation’s students, as well as the faculty, should always be a priority, which is why campus security is more important than ever.


Why Campus Security Is More Important than Ever


Here are some of the main reasons why all college campuses should have campus security present:


Alleviating the Concerns of Parents and Incoming Students

Now more than ever before, both parents and potential college applicants are factoring in the safety record of a campus in their decision of which schools to apply to and/or attend. Campus security is a major issue today, and it’s important for campuses to have the necessary security in place to proactively prevent any crimes from occurring, as well as to give everyone a sense of security. In addition, colleges are taking more notice of their safety records, especially for public image purposes.


It’s Not Just About Gun Violence

Having campus security in place in the form of patrolling private security guards helps to address issues beyond just gun violence on college campuses. Many issues of sexual assault and sexual harassment that some students fall victim to predominately take place late at night in locations that are not well-lit. Patrolling security guards would be able to act as a deterrent to such assaults, as well as will be able to respond right away to any reports or to even stop the act as it is occurring.


Managing Student Diversity

College campuses are growing increasingly diverse throughout the country, and it’s important that any tension or conflicts that may exist among the student body does not escalate into violence. Campus security guards can act as security during any student protests that occur or any other campus events that could lead to violence. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to providing protest security.


First Responders

In the unfortunate scenario in which a gunman appears on campus or someone is acting in a violent way, every second counts and can be the difference between life or death. Campus security guards would be able to respond right away before law enforcement does, followed by working with the authorities to resolve the situation as quickly and safely as possible. Campuses can chose to have armed security guards, which can help save lives.


Addresses Issues with Students

Campus security guards also can help to address issues with students. Colleges are known for their extracurricular activities, and on some nights, especially on weekends, things can get a bit out of hand. Having campus security guards on the premises can deal with many of these issues, such as when alcohol or drugs are involved.


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