Why Do Marijuana Collectives And Dispensaries Need Private Security?

If you’re involved in the rapidly-expanding Cannabis industry in California, one of the best investments you can make is a partnership with an experienced private security firm, such as First Security Services.

Private security is absolutely essential for marijuana collectives and dispensaries – for a number of different reasons. With an experienced team of private security professionals such as First Security Services, you can ensure that your workers, your assets, and your customers are safe at your marijuana collective or dispensary.

To learn more about why it’s so important for marijuana collectives and dispensaries to hire private security professionals, contact First Security Services right away, or keep reading for more details.

1. Access Control

  • Access control is a key part of any security plan, particularly for larger dispensaries and collectives where guests may be free to wander through the building, and may be able to escape the supervision of employees.
  • Private Security Guards can be stationed in areas that are off-limits to guests and customers, ensuring that the premises are safe and secured from any possible theft or threats. In addition, security teams can also monitor employees for suspicious behavior which might indicate theft or some other illicit activity.
  • With our specialized training, the team at First Security Services can provide access control services and ensure that the premises are secure, minimizing the risk of theft and other security issues.

2. Asset Protection

  • The marijuana business is a $9 billion industry, and a lot of that profit comes from California. However, marijuana and its derived products are still illegal on a federal level, despite being legal in many states for both recreational and medicinal use.
  • This means that almost all business activity at marijuana dispensaries must be conducted in cash. Banks are not willing to touch marijuana funds and assets, because they are regulated on a federal level.
  • That means that, at any given time, marijuana collectives and dispensaries can have thousands or tens of thousands of dollars of cash-on-hand, making them prime targets for theft, burglary and robbery.
  • Not only is the cash valuable, but so are marijuana products, which can be easily resold for a profit if they’re stolen. A security team from First Security Services can ensure that all assets are safe and secure, and protect both cash and valuable marijuana products.

3. Premises Security

  • We offer premises security both during business hours, with posted guards inside dispensaries and collectives, and security services throughout the night, ensuring that the building is secure from break-ins and vandalism. We offer foot patrols and vehicular patrols, ensuring that our customer’s property and assets are protected from any potential illicit activity.
  • At First Security Services, we take our jobs seriously. We make it our goal to ensure that the inside of each facility we guard is safe from theft, and to observe guests and customers for signs of illegal activity. We can also assist with protecting customers and employees from unruly guests, and defusing tense situations which – while uncommon – are still a fact of life in many retail facilities, including dispensaries and marijuana collectives.

4. Video Surveillance

  • Video surveillance is a powerful tool for marijuana companies for a number of reasons. First, it discourages theft and illegal activity. A comprehensive video surveillance program will help prevent criminal activity both inside the facility during business hours, and outside the facility after it has closed.
  • In addition, video surveillance can help law enforcement, in the rare event that a crime such as theft does take place at a marijuana facility. It also helps keep employees honest, and ensures that they do not try to steal cash, marijuana, or any other asset from the facility.
  • At First Security Services, we can assist with the setup and monitoring of video surveillance equipment, providing 24/7 monitoring and ensuring that no illegal activity is taking place at any given marijuana facility.

5. Transportation Security

  • Beyond on-premises security, it’s also important to secure valuable assets during transportation, such as marijuana products, cash that is being sent to the bank or to a distributor, and all other assets that may be vulnerable to theft and loss during transit.
  • Criminals may often target cash and assets of marijuana businesses when they are being transported, as the assets are often highly vulnerable when being moved, and are not protected. First Security Services can provide protection with armed guards, and ensure that the valuable assets of marijuana businesses are protected when they are moving between facilities.

6. Security Consulting, Planning And Compliance

  • To receive and maintain a Cannabis business license, a written security plan is required of every marijuana-related business such as a dispensary or collective, to ensure that all regulations required by local law enforcement are followed.
  • In addition, the security plan should detail every physical security feature of the facility, and identify key points of vulnerability that can be addressed with locks, security personnel, video surveillance and other tools.
  • At First Security Services, our expert consultants can help with security planning and consulting, as well as compliance. We are one of the few security companies in the area specializing in marijuana-related businesses. Our consultants can ensure that you meet all of the requirements of the local and state government, and that your security plan is fully-detailed and robust enough to protect you from the majority of the threats that face marijuana-related companies in today’s security environment.

7. Discouraging Robbery And Theft From Dispensaries And Collectives

  • The mere presence of one or more armed guards at a dispensary can be enough to discourage robbery and theft. Criminals are looking for soft targets that lack adequate protection and security, so a First Security Services security team is a powerful way to discourage potential criminal activity, such as burglary and robbery.
  • In the case of a robbery or any kind of other violent assailant or threat to your customers and facilities, our security personnel are trained in the proper response techniques. Our personnel are ex-law enforcement and ex-military, and undergo specialized training in threat assessment, tactical weapon use, civilian protection and more. You can trust our personnel to respond to threats and protect your employees and guests even in dangerous situations.

Hire First Security Services To Protect Your Facility, Employees And Customers

  • Good security is not optional for dispensaries and marijuana collectives in California. To protect your facility from potential security threats ranging from burglary and vandalism to employee theft, armed robbery and more, it’s important to hire a security company with experience in Cannabis security in California.
  • At First Security Services, we have expert security Officers who are well-versed in marijuana industry best practices, and have served marijuana companies all throughout the state. By hiring our security team, you can ensure that your assets, employees, and customers are protected, and safeguard your facility’s reputation. Contact us for more details now.