Why Guard Management Systems are Becoming the Norm

General Overview

Security guard management systems are becoming quite popular within the security industry today and are expected to become the new norm within the coming year or two. Despite being available for a long time, they are only now becoming commonplace thanks to smartphones, tablets, and cloud-based technology.


Why Guard Management Systems are Becoming the Norm


However, besides the ease in which guard management systems can now be accessed, the main reasons for why they’re becoming so popular with security guard companies are due to the benefits that they can provide. The following are some of the main ones:


Guard management systems allow for there to be better security guard accountability measures in place, both for the client and for the security guard company. For example, some of the accountability-related features of a guard management system are:

  • GPS tracking
  • Electronic checkpoints
  • Automatic timekeeping

These features allow for security guard companies to be able to ensure that their private security officers are adhering to their patrol schedules and routes, checking in when they’re supposed to, and following all shift change protocols. Some guard management systems even will send out alerts to the security guard company if a guard fails to do any of the above.

These accountability features will quell any concerns that clients may have as well.

Data-Based Analysis and Decision-Making

A second benefit of guard management systems is that they let security guard companies identify what’s working and what’s not working as far as their security services are concerned. By having access to the real-time, as well as automatically stored, performance-based data of security officers, a security guard company can better determine who their best security guards are. This is in addition to analyzing their company’s security services in general.

Based on this data, a security guard company can target weaknesses, promote certain officers, provide bonuses, and make sure that they are constantly improving. In the past, this was an extremely time-consuming task, since it involved going through and manually-recording piles upon piles of paperwork.

Instantaneous Reporting

A third benefit of a guard management system is that it has instantaneous reporting capabilities. Security guards will be able to report on incidents as soon as they occur, as well as on any suspicious activity. In the past, this would involved speaking over a radio/walkie-talkie or sending in a report once the shift was over.

Now, a security officer can upload videos and photos right away on a guard management system and to send alert notifications on its smartphone app. The result is a faster response time, increased transparency, and a better overall service for a security guard company’s client.

Remote Management

Lastly, guard management systems also provide remote management capabilities. A security company which sends security guards to many clients in a variety of locations, such as what First Security Services does, has to manage many different aspects all at once, including shift changes, patrols, incident reports, summary reports, etc…

A remote management system streamlines this process and makes it more efficient, which enables for better communication between the security guard company, the security guards, and the clients. The result is less communication and scheduling errors.

Look for guard management systems to be the norm rather than the exception by the end of 2018! First Security Services always looks to provide the best security service possible, which is why guard management systems are currently used by us. Make sure to contact us today for your free consultation!

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