Why Hire Office Security Guards?

Security guards are usually associated with retail stores, shopping malls, and places that are open to business to the general public. But, many companies also hire office security guards as well.


Why Hire Office Security Guards?


Office security guards, and office security services in general, can be an extremely important part of an office’s ability to function efficiently on a day-to-day basis. Here’s why it makes perfect sense to hire office security guards:


Alarm System Monitoring


A company office will have an alarm system installed that will be activated during non-business hours. Office security guards are trained to be able to follow each individual company’s alarm system protocols, meaning that a security guard will make sure that the alarm system is activated during certain hours and is working properly.


Security companies that provide office security services make sure to train their office security guards to have an understanding of how alarm systems work, and security guards will know how to spot if it has been breached. An office security guard will constantly monitor it, because in an office, an advanced alarm system is one of the main aspects of protection during non-business hours.


Office buildings can be big, and office security guards will be able to view the CCTV monitors to make sure that there aren’t any security breaches in any particular area of the building.


Employee Escorts


Office security guards are also able to act as employee escorts. Many businesses have large underground parking lots for their employees, and late at night, an office security guard can escort employees to their vehicles to make sure that they are able to leave safely. If an employee has to go to a parking lot, an office security guard can also act as an escort. This will be particularly useful when it’s dark out or in areas where there is crime.


Another example of a situation is if an employee has to take late night public transportation. If the bus stop is near the office building, office security guards can walk the employee to the location.


Monitor Restricted Access


Office security guards will be able to ensure that there’s restricted access into certain parts of the office building. For example, the credentials of employees can be checked each morning as they enter, including putting their personal items through a scanner to make sure that there’s nothing dangerous within them. Visitors can also be checked to make sure that they are authorized to enter and can be given badges.


Additional Office Security Services


Office security guards can also provide additional office security services. These office security services can include:


  • Providing First Aid in the case of emergencies;
  • Being able to operate fire-fighting equipment, such as extinguishers and hoses;
  • Responding to emergencies and contacting the necessary emergency responders;
  • Assisting in and taking a leadership role in any evacuations that have to be conducted.


Hiring office security guards can significantly enhance the security of your company office, as well as to give off a greater sense of professionalism to all visiting clients and customers. If interested in office security services of any kind, please don’t hesitate to contact First Security Services today!