Why Military Veterans Make Great Security Guards

There’s an abundance of military veterans in the United States today, and with many of them seeking normal employment as they transition into civilian life, private security is a field that they seem to excel in.


Why Military Veterans Make Great Security Guards


The reason is because military veterans, without a doubt, have all of the necessary skills and training to make great security guards. Here are some of the reasons why:


Background Checks

Military veterans usually have clean records, as they have to undergo comprehensive background checks when they initially join the U.S. military. While a private security guard company will administer additional background checks in order to provide private security clearances, this means that military veterans are often fast-tracked to a security guard job position. It provides a sense of security to know that a newly-employed security guard is a military veteran that also has passed the background checks that the U.S. government initiated.


Follows Procedures and Protocols

Yet another reason why military veterans make great security guards is that they can be counted on to follow procedures and protocols. This is due to their training in the armed forces. As a result, you can expect a security guard who is a military veteran to be completely punctual, reliable, and diligent. This dependability is something that can’t be understated, as many of the problems that are security guard related tend to happen when protocol or diligence is lacking.


Ability to Adapt

Next, military veterans also have an uncanny ability to adapt to any type of situation that presents itself. This ability to think on one’s feet and not freeze under pressure is extremely important, since, oftentimes, unexpected situations can arise. For example, should the security guard notice a robbery or an act of violence taking place, he or she will spring to action and handle the situation with a sense of calculated calmness.


Crowd Control

Crowd control is another area of private security that military veterans excel at. They tend to be highly-experienced in directing people where to go, as well as in how to handle situations with large crowds. If a security guard is hired to work at the front desk of a building, he or she will feel comfortable in the position.


Leadership Skills

Lastly, military veterans also tend to demonstrate leadership skills, many of which they have acquired through their training and experience in the armed forces. These leadership skills helps them to take charge of an emergency situation and to be able to communicate effectively both in individual and group settings.


At First Security Services, we always try to employ as many military veterans as possible. We’re not only proud supporters of the services that they have provided for our country, but also know full-well how valuable their contributions can be as private security guards. This is just one of the reasons why First Security Services is able to provide such first-rate private security. Make sure to contact us today for your free consultation!