Why Secure Transportation Is Essential For Marijuana Companies

If you work in the marijuana industry as a retailer, grower/supplier, or a processor, we’re certain that you already understand the unique challenges posed by your business model. Marijuana is an extremely valuable crop, and many large banks refer to work with Cannabis companies, due to regulatory difficulties.

What this means is that most Cannabis companies have a large amount of extremely valuable assets on-hand. Marijuana itself can easily sell for up to $200 per ounce, and the fact that most banks won’t work with growers means that most Cannabis companies have large amounts of cash on-hand.

This is fine in a secured facility with access control, video surveillance and Security Guards. But when it’s time to move cash or Cannabis, things can get a bit more complicated. Protecting your assets while they’re being moved can be difficult and complex, which is why you should hire a specialized transportation security company, like First Security Services. We can assist in protecting all of your most vulnerable assets during shipping.

You can learn more about our services and the importance of secure transportation in the Cannabis industry below, or contact us for more information now.

4 Reasons You Need To Work With Security Professionals For Cannabis Transportation

There are quite a few reasons that it’s a good idea to hire security professionals like First Security Services to assist in the delivery and transportation of your valuable assets. Here are just a few of them.

  • 1. Large amounts of cash on hand – Due to the unbanked nature of most marijuana facilities, there may come a time when your business needs to move a large volume of cash from one facility to the other – whether for long-term storage, a tax transaction, or for any other business purpose. This can expose you to risk. If an unarmed and untrained person transports this cash, they could be targeted by criminals looking for an easy payday.
  • 2. Supply chain vulnerabilities – It is difficult to steal marijuana at a secure growing facility, processing plant or dispensary. However, Cannabis products that are in transit are far away from video monitoring and emergency alert systems. Your products are the most vulnerable at this point in the supply chain – thieves and criminals may target your operations if they believe it will be easy to do so.
  • 3. Creates a “hard target” – Most criminals are opportunists. For that reason, one of the biggest benefits of hiring security professionals to transport cash or marijuana is that you will no longer be offering a “soft target.” Armed, trained security personnel make theft more complicated – so thieves are less likely to target you and your assets.
  • 4. Lower risk to staff – Untrained persons should not be transporting Cannabis or cash in a personal vehicle, as they could be targeted by criminals. For the safety of your staff, it’s best to leave these operations to trained professionals.

For these reasons and quite a few more, it’s worth every penny to hire a company like First Security Services to transport your sensitive cash and assets. Doing so is not the cheapest option, but it is the safest method by which you can transport these kinds of sensitive materials.

The Benefits Of Working With A Marijuana Transportation Security Service

Wondering what some of the other benefits of working with a security firm like First Security Services are? Here are a few advantages of leaving the transportation of cash and marijuana to the professionals.

  • Safeguard your assets and get peace of mind – Your assets will be transported by armed, professional guards in secured vehicles, ensuring that your most valuable assets are protected when they must be moved from one facility to another.
  • Minimize your liability – Employing your own workers to transport cash and Cannabis could open you up to liability issues, particularly if some kind of theft or product loss occurs. By hiring a company such as First Security Services, you can minimize this risk.
  • Move assets quickly and covertly – Using a transportation security service, you can quickly arrange pickups and deliveries using either secured transports or unbranded, covert vehicles.
  • Simplified logistics – In most cases, Cannabis products cannot be sent through traditional courier services for legal reasons and logistical reasons. A specialized marijuana transportation security service can handle the majority of pickups and deliveries, which helps simplify logistics for your company.

To protect your corporate reputation, your assets and your employees, it’s a good idea to work with a professional whenever you must move sensitive Cannabis products or cash. Failing to do so could expose you to legal liability, and cause serious losses for your business if theft or loss of your products occurs.

Choose First Security Services For Cannabis Transportation Security In California

Wondering why you should choose First Security Services as your partner for Cannabis transportation security in California? Here are a few reasons that we’re a top choice for Cannabis companies all throughout the state.

  • Highly-trained guards and drivers – Our personnel are primarily composed of individuals with experience in the military and law enforcement, and all of our drivers go through extensive training to ensure that they can handle their vehicle in extreme circumstances. Our guards are also trained in the logistics and proper procedures for picking up and delivering sensitive materials.
  • Reliable, timely pickup and delivery services – You can trust us to provide reliable service. We will pick up your products and assets in a timely manner, and deliver your shipments safely to the intended destination.
  • Armed escorts available – Whether you suspect that you may be targeted by a particular individual, or you are simply concerned about moving a large amount of product or cash assets, we offer armed escorts that can ensure the protection of your valuables. Our armed Officerss receive extensive training, so you can trust us to safeguard your assets and see them safely to the intended destination.
  • Unbeatable expertise in the Cannabis industry – For several years, we have operated a special division of our company that focuses exclusively on the unique needs of Cannabis companies in California. Thanks to our inherent understanding and expertise in the Cannabis industry, we can understand the challenges and threats that face your business, and work closely with your personnel to address them.

From cash deliveries to the transportation of bulk Cannabis products, we can offer security services that will ensure the safe delivery of your assets anywhere in California. You can rely upon First Security Services to handle even the most sensitive deliveries.

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