Why Security Guards are Beginning to Patrol Public Streets

A sight that is becoming more common to see these days are security guards patrolling public streets. This never used to be the case in the past, so why is this happening now?




The reasons are directly linked to the violence that is taking place in many parts of the country.


Law Enforcement Can’t Be Everywhere At Once

The truth of the matter is that law enforcement simply can’t be everywhere at once. They neither have the budget nor the manpower to patrol everywhere all of the time. Because of this, many dangerous areas in the country are faced with situations in which the police arrive in a reactionary way, rather than preventing any crimes from taking place before the fact. With security guards, on the other hand, they can be hired to patrol specific areas 24/7, which means that they can prevent many crimes from occurring through deterrence.


Many Businesses Have Grown Frustrated

A myriad of businesses have grown frustrated with the crime that continues to occur around them, which is a direct threat to many of their business,es whether it’s the fear of robberies occurring or a lack of foot traffic due to public weariness. Many of these businesses have joined forces and contributed to hiring private security patrols. In Chicago, this has been occurring quite frequently recently (see: http://www.chicagomag.com/city-life/October-2016/When-Private-Security-Patrols-Public-Streets/). The private security guards make sure to walk up and down the sidewalks and areas where the businesses are located.


The results have been very encouraging so far, with many reporting a big decrease in crimes that have been occurring, such as drug dealing and prostitution.


Many Private Residents Have Done the Same

Private residents in some neighborhoods have also pooled their funds together just like local businesses have done. Various neighborhood watch groups and residents have hired private security to patrol their neighborhood streets during hours where crimes tend to occur, and the have also reported decreases in incidents. It also provides peace of mind to the residents.


Usually Only the Rich Can Afford It

Hiring private security patrols is something mainly only the rich can afford to do as of now. Even the businesses that hire private security patrols have to be doing fairly well. In areas with high crime rates, private security patrols can help, but in rich neighborhoods, it’s more for peace of mind.


Private security patrols have proven to be extremely effective in lowering crime rates in the areas that they patrol in. However, the private security guards have to be well-trained in proper protocol, as well as in the law. They are not police officers and should not act as such. But if they stay within the confines of the law, they can truly help various troubled areas.


First Security Services would be able to provide private security guards to patrol certain areas if requested. All of our security guards are professional and dedicated to following the law at all times. Make sure to contact us today for your free consultation!