Why Your Bay Area Tech Startup Could Benefit From a Security Service

Generally when people think of security companies, they don’t immediately assume that there is a need for a security service. But, given the amount of high valued assets (including hardware, employees, and intellectual property), there are a few reasons why tech companies should consider hiring a security service for the business.


Why Your Bay Area Tech Startup Could Benefit From a Security Service


Read on to learn why your company might benefit from hiring a security company.


People Are Your Highest Valued Assets


In the Bay Area, technology professionals are in high demand, so making sure your employees feel safe at work is imperative to keeping talent. Whether it’s people protesting or simply being located in an area that is more affordable but less secure, it can be comforting to your staff to know that there is a security patrol to ensure that they are safe both inside and outside of the office.


Intellectual Property is Like Gold in the New Digital Economy


As businesses shift from tangible assets to knowledge-based assets, it’s critical that you keep a security office so that your intellectual property is secure. Having a security service ensures that only your staff has access to your building, and thus ensures that your internet and internal systems can only be accessed by the right people. If your business gains a competitive edge because of intellectual property, it might be wise to consider hiring a security patrol.


Startups Must Compete Against Established Companies


In the Bay Area, there are thousands of people who are betting on the fact that a startup can disrupt an established industry. But, one of the benefits that an older company has is that they generally have assets to hire an in-house security team that many startups don’t possess. If you are a startup that is trying to compete against larger companies, and you don’t have the resources to hire a security team of your own, a 3rd party security service can be a way to cut down on costs while still gaining all the benefits of a security service.


Security Can Be a Differentiator


Given the competitive nature of hiring in the Bay Area, having a dedicated security team can be a big differentiator for hiring the top talent that your startup needs to succeed. While healthcare, a 401k, and other monetary benefits are important, having a security patrol that is tasked with keeping employees safe might be the key to attracting top talent to your startup. If you are struggling to hire and retain your employees, it might be time to consider bringing on a security team.


Are you a technology startup in the Bay Area considering hiring a security service to increase the benefit to your employees and protect your high valued assets? Contact us today to learn how we can help!