Will Robots Ever Replace Security Guards?

General Overview

Security robots already exist today, though they’re still a bit primitive. Robots are actually becoming increasingly commonplace in many industries. One topic of debate within the security industry is just how advanced robot security guards will eventually become. While there are many who believe that robot security guards will eventually replace human security guards, there’s also a case to be made for why that’s just not possible.


Will Robots Ever Replace Security Guards?


Here are some of the main reasons why robots will not fully replace a security guard anytime soon:

 Artificial Intelligence has a Long Ways to Go

There have certainly been great strides made in artificial intelligence, but there’s still much progress to be made. While a computer can compute various numbers as well as and even better than humans, it doesn’t have the ability to adapt to new stimuli to the extent that normal security officers can.

For example, unless the algorithms and programming in the robot can handle all of the variables that exist in a multi-person armed robbery attempt, it won’t be able to do as good of a job as a security officer.

In addition, security robots will not be able to understand everything that’s being said to it, which means that they won’t be able to adapt to certain situations. Think of the capabilities of virtual assistants, such as Siri, and how, while they understand many commands or questions, they don’t understand nearly everything that’s being said.

Incident Reports Still Have to be Written

 Even if a security robot could perform all of the physical functions of a regular security officer, incident reports still have to be written. Security robots simply do not have this capability, and considering that incident reports are a key component of a security officer’s duties, this would be a glaring issue. A security officer will still have to write the incident report.

 Liability Issues

 There’s also the issue of liability. If a security robot malfunctions, you can bet on there being lawsuits that will follow, especially if the malfunction resulted in any harm. While of course there’s always the possibility of human error, if a security robot malfunctions, it might not be able to recover in time to continue to thwart any threats that may arise. The reliability of robots is not there yet.

 Security Robots Are Better Suited to Compliment Security Guards

Security robots are actually better suited to complimenting security guards and the overall security of the premises, rather than outright replacing a security guard. For example, a security robot can act as a patrol guard in which it’ll activate an alert system if it spots anything unusual. This will help to provide better coverage than normal security cameras in terms of eliminating blind spots. It also takes into account the fact that a security officer simply cannot be everywhere at once.


First Security Services is closely monitoring the viability of security robots, but, currently, we  employ highly-trained and professional security officers that can meet all of your security needs.

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